Flo Ankah performing choreography

Flo Ankah – Career Highlights

  • Clarity Coach to Celebrity Clients, Entrepreneurs & Wellness Practitioners.
  • International Instructor and Practitioner Mentor. Recipient of the highest accreditation achievable: Certificate of Science in ThetaHealing® & DNA4.
  • French Interpreter and Teaching Assistant for the founder of ThetaHealing Vianna Stibal, with whom she has studied since 2005.
  • Speaker and Educator on Women in the Workplace for corporations (BNP Paribas, Tableau and Microsoft) in conjunction with CSW Associates.
  • French Broadcaster for Vice News (2017-2019).
  • Writer/Director/Performer (member of the Television Academy/Emmy Awards, Dramatists Guild, SAG-AFTRA and Actors’ Equity).

Who I am

As a healing artist, actress, singer and educator, I have an immense curiosity for the human condition. I believe we are all born to create, and I mean that quite literally: anything true in our subconscious is expressed in the reality we are living. I also know that each one of us carries a unique purpose in our soul, and I want to see you realize your potential, so you can live your Life with Flow.

Tell me – What are you creating?

Many years ago, I was wearing a beautiful ring with a “labradorite” gemstone, and could feel it throughout my elbow. This experience opened my mind that I might be perceptive to energy.

I discovered the ThetaHealing® technique and meditation that put me on a remarkable path of physical healing, self-discovery and creativity. The philosophy of the seven planes and the realization that we are multidimensional soul beings spoke to me, and I was guided to move forward in my development.

I have made a lifelong commitment to awakening purpose through Healing Arts. Every experience in life has prepared me for it. I grew up in the French countryside with a special connection to nature on my father’s farm, and was exposed to alternative healing thanks to my mum’s background in medicine.

My first love was dancing, which brought me to New York City: I graduated from the Merce Cunningham Studio, and continued to hone my body as an instrument, studying acting, improvisation, opera, and doing voice-overs, or whatever work I could get my hands on with my O-1 visa.

The way I see it, Creativity is an act of leadership – and art is ever more essential in the world we live in. Here (FloAnkah.com) you can see my work. As an outgrowth of my artistic career, I practiced Yin yoga, pranayama, Qi-Kong, Feldenkrais, Fitzmaurice and mediation for artists.  My first class with Vianna Stibal, the creator and founder of ThetaHealing® was in 2005.

It brings me a lot of joy to accompany my clients and students with physical or mental dis-ease on their journey to well-being. To guide someone as they deal with the challenges of grief or divorce – to hold someone’s hand as they remember the love they are about to meet – or to be inspired by another who is transcending their expectation, wholeheartedly allowing and receiving the abundance they were meant to experience. A life of grace and fulfillment.

So, what makes your heart sing?

I am here as a resonating board to give your vision for life a whole new dimension. My job is to accompany you as you gain clarity, and to witness your healing. You’ll become an expert at knowing when and how to make radical decisions that create maximum impact with your life’s work – which might require you to take your time, and have a lot of fun 😉

Other things I am passionate about are immigration, sustainable living, and naps. I take a lot of naps. I do love my fountain pen and want to make more time for writing – but I’ll get to it. In the meantime, just remind me please.

There’s what you can do, and then there’s what you can do…
You fill in the dots. – Flo

Flo and group
Songstress and Bandleader, Here
Performing with Zach Brock

Flo and group
Acting Opposite Jonathan Pryce,
Playing His Girlfriend Brandy

Flo and flowers
Conservatory Alumni from Atlantic Theater
& Merce Cunningham Studio

Flo and Vianna StibalTraveling with Vianna Stibal, founder of ThetaHealing, as a TA and doing simultaneous translation.

About ThetaHealing®

ThetaHealing® is described by its founder Vianna Stibal as a philosophy for physical, emotional and spiritual well-being. I like to think of it as a psycho-energetic technique, or a holistic therapy. A direct application of quantum physics, the act of observing with focused thought during a deep meditation allows a transformation in the energetic field and the DNA of the cells. With ThetaHealing®, you learn how to heal yourself and others, work with your subconscious patterns, and see the world in terms of energy that you can shift. Becoming the conscious author of your reality, you are able to activate your personal potential and attract experiences and relationships in alignment with your personal goals and life purpose.


Transform your health, wealth, relationships, and success by understanding why you think
what you think.



Everyone is capable
of self-healing. Explore consciousness, and learn to guide others to realize their potential.



Let us know about your goals and find classes that work for you. Get clarity on the next step so you can move forward.