Terms of Service - Waiver and Consent

  1. Holistic therapies such as ThetaHealing® are NOT licensed by the state of New York and Flo Ankah is NOT able to treat, prescribe medication for nor diagnose any condition. Alternative healing arts such as ThetaHealing® are not substitutes for medical treatment or mental health therapy, so you should NOT discontinue any treatment or counseling, nor should you discontinue the use of any medication, without first consulting with your health provider.
  2. During your in-person ThetaHealing session or class, the practitioner may need to hold your hands, and you will be asked for verbal permission first.
  3. You agree not to hold Flo Ankah liable for any adverse effects, injury, harm, illness or damage alleged to have been caused during, or as a result of, any conversations or sessions. Results may vary.
  4. There is a 24-hour cancellation policy for sessions. The cancelation policy for classes is 7 days before start of class (non rembursable deposit). Payment must be made in full in order to confirm your appointment.
  5. During a class, you agree to conduct yourself respectfully and keep confidential any personal information shared by fellow participants. You understand that you are free not to participate in group photos if you do not wish to appear on Life with Flow social media, promotional content, and website. By participating in the training, you are allowing us to share your image unless you have clearly specified your position.


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