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ThetaHealing® Training
& Certification

So you want to do this? Everyone is capable of tapping into the power of the theta brainwave to heal how our mind works.

Each course empowers you with knowledge and practical skills that directly apply to your personal and professional life. My style is down-to-earth, focused on spiritual growth & creative unfolding. I will work with you until you’re confident in your abilities.

Clearing deep-seated thought patterns will enable you to:

  • Get clarity on the dreams you are manifesting
  • Guide others towards alignment and wellbeing
  • Recognize your life purpose and take action

As you learn to apply the technique in classes you experience the depth of your own healing, unlocking your highest potential with ease so you can… create your life with flow!

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Learn How to Theta

How quickly you complete your ThetaHealing® certifications is up to you! Taught worldwide in most languages, you can choose one class at a time, when you’re ready, or take classes back-to-back. Private training available, please message to inquire about rates and dates.

In order to move forward with the curriculum (regardless of your previous experience with energy healing or meditation), you first need to complete the four foundational courses below. Online and in-person learning are available—both offer different benefits that can enrich your adventure!

BASIC DNA (start here)

3 days, online or in-person

This is where your journey begins. You’ll learn HOW TO CHANGE YOUR LIFE on both the physical and emotional levels with the ABCs of ThetaHealing®. You’ll learn how to meditate in a theta brainwave and practice exercises to shift your perspective and manifest your creative, personal and professional goals.

No Pre-requisite


3 days, online or in-person

It’s time to uncover your potential within. Using the foundations we’ve built, take your journey to the next level and solidify how to apply the technique. You will discover each plane of existence, connect with ancestors, bear witness to the soul’s healing, and receive powerful energetic downloads to expand your horizons.

Pre-requisite: Basic DNA


2 days, online or in-person

It’s all about asking the right questions! Review the different styles of digging, practice trusting your instincts so you can allow the flow of the session and connect the dots within the technique. Resolve the issues you are currently facing and lay the foundation to continue working on yourself outside of class.

Pre-requisite: Advanced DNA


2 days, online or in-person

Now, we transcend everything we’ve learned so far. This course radically shifts your perspective by teaching how the mind works to protect us. You will gain clarity on the messages you’re getting, how some positive beliefs prevent us from achieving growth, and how to transform your current life circumstances effortlessly.

Pre-requisite: Dig Deeper
(This is the second ‘Growing your Relationships’ class)

Areas of Expansion

Each of these classes are designed to expand your knowledge of ThetaHealing® topics, allowing you to improve your healing and digging abilities as a practitioner. You’ll get the chance to connect with a network of practitioners who want to make a difference in the world.

Your certifications allow you to offer services as a ThetaHealer®. Moreover, you are eligible to study with the founder of the technique, Vianna Stibal, after you have completed your foundational training. You must be certified in the class as a practitioner before registering for the “instructor” level. If you are passionate about the technique, Masters and Certificate of Science in ThetaHealing® are achievable.

  • Ignite Abundance and Growth


    2 days, online or in-person

    Manifest your desires by aligning your vibration and refocusing your energy toward the life you are meant to be living. Dig beyond your manifestation to uncover the ancestral blocks that are hindering your abundance. Discover how every thought, word and action directly influences your relationships, professional success and financial health.

    Pre-requisite: Dig Deeper


    2 days, online or in-person

    A game-changer for your relationships. Evaluate who you have been attracting into your life, gain clarity on the mind’s stages of development, heal childhood wounds and patterns of betrayal. Learn how to trust what the universe is creating for you and manifest success in business and beyond—take action to receive your divine timings with ease.

    Prerequisite: Dig Deeper
    (This is the third ‘Growing your Relationships’ class)


    3 days, in person only

    Expand your comfort zone, trust what the universe is creating for you, and manifest success in business and beyond! You’ll learn how to transcend the patterns of family and peer pressure that might be holding you back, unfold in your spirituality, and redefine how you perceive abundance in the physical world.

    Prerequisite: Basic DNA

  • Deepen Your Healing Abilities


    15 days, in-person or online* – Expert Course

    This class is the pillar of ThetaHealing® that will naturally open up your intuitive abilities. It transforms your life in a big way every time you take it.

    Understand each system in the body: what emotions it carries, and the beliefs associated with it. Get plenty of practice to improve your intuition and to feel your own expansion by applying self-healing in a profound way. Improving your knowledge of the human body will help you become more secure in helping others with their development.

    Day 1: Atoms, Microbes, Toxic Influences
    Day 2: Skeletal System
    Day 3: Endocrine System
    Day 4: Digestive System
    Day 5: Respiratory System
    Day 6: The Heart & Circulatory System
    Day 7: Lymph System
    Day 8: Excretory & Sexual System
    Day 9: The Muscles
    Day 10: The Nervous System
    Day 11: The Skin
    Day 12: The Eyes
    Day 13: The Brain
    Day 14: The Ears
    Day 15: The Body as a Whole

    Pre-requisite: You and the Creator

    * Online participants: you will need two devices on Zoom.


    10 days, online or in-person – Expert Course

    Heal yourself by recognizing how you can go beyond your predispositions, shifting what is in your way of becoming the best possible healer. Learn the body systems and deepen your knowledge of the physical, mental and emotional components of illnesses. Get insights about which herbs and supplements can assist with recovery. You will be more prepared to accompany clients with physical ailments.

    Designed for the alternative professional, this course brings you one step closer toward obtaining your Certificate of Science in ThetaHealing®.

    Pre-requisite: Intuitive Anatomy

  • Make a Difference in the World


    5 days, online or in-person

    Now more than ever, this work is critical. Investigate your beliefs in a profound way so that you can do business and help people regardless of their countries, backgrounds, and religions. Discover how to address ancestral traumas, and understand what it feels like to have true acceptance of your lineage. This is a transformative course you do for both yourself and humanity.

    Pre-requisite: Dig Deeper


    2 days, in-person only

    In an ever-changing world, maximizing your symbiotic relationship with the earth is crucial for a sense of inner peace. This course will teach you how to understand the ways we impact our environment and face emergency situations with common sense and ease. Get a clear sense of your purpose, work on the expansion of your aura, and be a light for others.

    Prerequisite: Dig Deeper
    (This is the fourth ‘Growing Your Relationships” class)

    DNA 3

    5 days, online or in person – Expert Course

    Think Harry Potter school, but for adults. Open your mind and transcend the limits of what you thought was possible when working with the energy of atoms, the material world, and the elements. Unravel the true potential of your psychic abilities with takeaway exercises that will allow your Kundalini energy to gently rise and help you feel prepared, ready, and safe in any situation.

    Pre-requisite: Intuitive Anatomy (or alt options)

  • Expand Your Romantic Horizons


    2 days, online or in-person

    Gain clarity on the different types of romantic relationships available to you and discernment between your soul family and someone truly compatible to grow with you. Recognize patterns of behaviors and beliefs you inherited in order to improve your current relationships and manifest the highest-level partnership toward emotional fulfillment.

    Pre-requisite: Dig Deeper


    2 days, online or in-person

    When we truly love ourselves, we reach the next level of enlightenment. This course will transform your understanding of what a soulmate is and how to build a strong partnership. A valuable course whether or not you are currently part of a couple, you’ll become ready to experience the highest potential of a union between two spiritual beings.

    Pre-requisite: Dig Deeper
    (This is the first “Growing your Relationships” class)

  • Diet, Gardening and Pets


    1/2 day (or more), online or in-person

    Reinvent how you take care of yourself—especially when you are always in service to others. Transform how you look, and more importantly how you feel about yourself. You’ll clear beliefs around body image, self-esteem, exercise, food, and fears of being slender, strong and beautiful.

    Pre-requisite: Dig Deeper


    1 day, online or in-person

    Understand and communicate with the plant kingdom: trees, plants, and by extension, our food. Whether you are interested in organic gardening, aromatherapy, forest hierarchy or elemental energies, you’ll learn how to be in symbiosis with the second plane in order to be a better healer for yourself and others.

    Pre-requisite: Dig Deeper


    1 or 2 day, online or in-person

    Deepen your connection to open up to the animal kingdom and improve your life! You’ll discover ways to communicate with animals both domestic and wild, and recognize how species are programmed. Learn how to do a crystal layout to enhance the abilities you inherited from your ancestors and be prepared for the Planes of Existence class.

    Pre-requisite: Dig Deeper

  • Explore Consciousness


    5 days, in-person only

    For anyone who is passionate about developing and expanding their intuitive abilities. Initially designed for children and young adults, these playful practices should be taught in every elementary school. You will explore your sensory perception with fun exercises to receive messages and a tangible experience of each plane.

    Pre-requisite: Dig Deeper


    5 days, in-person only – Expert Course

    Gain an expert understanding of the Planes of Existence theory: the backbone of the ThetaHealing® philosophy. Learn how to practice a crystal layout to tap into ancestor virtues and abilities.

    Move forward and open your perceptions to the wonders of the planes. As a multidimensional being, your soul has been around for a long time—this knowledge is already within you and waiting to be accessed in a practical way. Go ahead and self-actualize!

    Pre-requisite: Intuitive Anatomy (or alt options)