You are the author of your reality.

When you understand why you think what you think, you are able to redefine the narrative of your life, experience a sense of harmony, with a crisp vision of what’s coming next.

Our goal is for you to step into your highest potential where the results can be measured in dollars, success and the quality of your life. Results are often effortless and instantaneous.

Challenge what you think is possible
and gain clarity to make your life limitless.

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Heal Your Inner Blocks

  • Overcome the Feeling of Being Stuck in Life
  • Heal Anxiety, Depression and Trauma
  • Release Addictions, Fears and Resentments
  • Resolve Relationship Patterns and Past Karma
  • Accelerate Recovery of Illnesses and Injuries
  • Receive Support While Working With Your
    Medical Team on Life-Threatening Diagnosis

Expand Your Well-Being

  • Increase Joy, Satisfaction and Vitality
  • Find Love and Improve Your Relationships
  • Allow Abundance and Financial Freedom
  • Create Family Harmony and Connection
  • Achieve Life Balance with a Sense of Play
  • Manifest a Sacred Workspace
  • Awaken Confidence, Beauty and Your Ideal Body

Live Your Soul Purpose

  • Experience Success and Career Fulfillment
  • Attract Like-Minded Collaborators
  • Recognize Compatible Talent and Opportunities
  • Express Yourself With Charisma and Presence
  • Deepen Your Intuition and Spiritual Alignment
  • Rise to Mastery With a Healthy Competition Mindset
  • Lead From the Heart – Inspire Others to Thrive

Who is it for:

Though many seek help during times of struggle and pain, a private session can also be used to accelerate a positive path. Flo specializes in working with creative professionals, wellness practitioners, CEO/entrepreneurs, athletes and those seeking deep transformation.

How to Prepare:

There is nothing required to prepare for a session, you can come as you are. Just make sure you are hydrated. If you want to focus on a particular block or a manifestation in your life – we will start there. Oftentimes, we begin with a challenge and find it rooted in other areas. The journey can be surprising and you will be guided toward a feeling of expansion and possibility.

What to Expect:

Though each session is unique, I like to start with a quiet moment to connect and read your energy, so that I can share where I see potential for improvement. Then we will discuss what you are looking to change in your life, and proceed to a series of questions and dialogue to uncover blocks.

Most likely you will experience a shift in perspective and how you feel within the session, recognizing an instantaneous transformation. Some people will see a clear shift after one sleep cycle, giving the subconscious an opportunity to reset its patterns, or the evolution may become evident and manifest over days or weeks.

Working with ThetaHealing® is intended to be a gentle, effortless shift rather than a dramatic lightning bolt. You will, all of a sudden, realize that you have already received what you asked for.

Everything in your session is strictly confidential.


Transform your health, wealth, relationships, and success by understanding why you think
what you think.



Everyone is capable
of self-healing. Explore consciousness, and learn to guide others to realize their potential.



Let us know about your goals and find classes that work for you. Get clarity on the next step so you can move forward.