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Basic DNA (online)

Thank you so much for your interest in our ThetaHealing® Training. You can follow the steps below to save your spot in class. Please email or whatsapp us if you need assistance.

Wed, Nov 8 – Fri, Nov 10 2023
Time: 9am – 3:30pm EST

Step 1 – Make your Payment

To secure your spot in the class today, you can choose to make the Full Payment, or pay only the Registration Deposit (non-refundable). Your balance (Seminar Amount) will be due before the first day of the course. You may use an Alternate Payment Method.

BASIC DNA is a 3-days seminar: $510.00

– Registration Fee (online): $60.00
– Seminar Amount: $450.00

Full Payment     Deposit Only

Step 2 – Sign your License Agreement

In order to move on to the next training, and if you choose to offer services using the ThetaHealing® technique, you must sign your license agreement with THInK. You will need to create an account associated with your email address. The name you sign up with will be the name printed on your certificate.

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Basic DNA - ThetaHealing Course

ThetaHealing® is described by its founder Vianna Stibal as a philosophy for physical, emotional and spiritual well-being. Learning to distill the way words, memories and feelings are connected in your subconscious, you are able to see the world in terms of energy that you can shift: the act of observation with focused thought during a deep meditation allows your transformation on a cellular level. Becoming the conscious author of your reality, you are able to activate your personal potential and attract experiences and relationships in alignment with your personal goals and life purpose.

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Step 3 – Course Material

For online classes with us, you are responsible for acquiring the ThetaHealing Book before class. Restrictions apply for shipping in different countries and you are more familiar with what works best for you! The Zoom link and class manuals will be sent to you one day before the start of class. As per THInK instructions and for trademark purposes, the pdf manual provided is not printable for any online courses. You can acquire your own printed version of the manual from THInK in the US, or from the headquarters in Switzerland. Please message us if you need us to send you the book or a printed version of the manual, that will be charged in addition to the training cost.

► Once you have completed this certification, you are able to sign up for Advanced DNA. See calendar and request classes Here.

We look forward to working with you!


Transform your health, wealth, relationships, and success by understanding why you think
what you think.



Everyone is capable
of self-healing. Explore consciousness, and learn to guide others to realize their potential.



Let us know about your goals and find classes that work for you. Get clarity on the next step so you can move forward.