What Should I Wear Tonight?

Asking the age-old question before a production of my solo show about Edith Piaf in New York City resulted in the most fun email newsletter engagement I have had to this date.

I believe we’re talking 2011, at the very beginning of my singing career. The late “Metropolitan Room” that used to be on West 22nd Street, a good 30 minutes from my home had offered me a residency. It was an opportunity to hone my craft, and got I the show ready for the following year, making my debut at Joe’s Pub at the Public Theater.

Back to the dresses…

The reality is that I had gotten two really fun dresses, and I knew that if I’m singing French music from the last century, it was expected of me—or should I say “behooving me”—to wear black. The truth is part of me was secretly awaiting for the permission to be bold and wear the pink dress.

I don’t know why I didn’t think it was okay as an artist to wear whatever I wanted. I might be a little more eccentric than my French heritage is associated with.

The outcome is that I sent a survey to my email newsletter and I shared with you below some of the favorite answers I received:

My Favorite Newsletter of All Time

– Definitely Black Floanne sweetheart, definitely black.

(Fun Fact: I used to go by the stage name “Floanne”, because people in the industry would ask me to mispronounce my French name.)

– I always thought you looked great in black.

– Pink….it’ll be unique and brings out your eyes.

– Black darling you look marvelous in black…

Black is overrated ..wear the pink 😉

– Green with the yellow an blue stripes (this must be in reference to the the Fais Moi Mail Johnny song)


– Please show me both dresses. Which dress are you most comfortable in?

– Hi Floanne! Its a hard choice. Depends on the intensity of pink. I tend to think more about bright colors then black.

For a sec, I thought you were actually asking me for fashion advice.

– Depends on the dress but I say Pink

– I was playing safe b/c I want to get a copy of your CD so I selected both 🙂

– Simple Black Dress

– I say PINK

– Pink say pretty black says serious. While you are certainly pretty you are a serious woman, go black.

– I didn’t see the pink so I voted for the black one.

– I voted for pink dress! As musicians we always wear black. I say spice up things a little!

Pink… Anyone can wear Black!

– Pink will be Devine on you!

– Pink baby. You are hot stuff. Wear pink.

– I would go with pink only because it’s just that the black is so played out and the pink would highlight your lovely complexion !

I prefer Black, even though my wife hates it.

– You will look stunning in either, but: black

– How can i possibly pick your dress without seeing pictures of you in each? I might steer you wrong…

– Every girl needs a little black dress.


– Black for sure.

– Pink, for sure!

Sorry can’t help you with the choice of a dress.

– Black dress! You look great in black.

– If it was me, I would make pink the new black!!!

– Can’t wait to see the most votes!!

– if all else fails, do black with outrageous pink!!!!

– If you look super thin and have a great pink dress maybe but the salmon pink was in last summer this year was off and this year what is “in” is more the green look like a dear in the woods kind of thing so I think you can’t go wrong with black if you dont want to make a mistake.

– I’m a big fan of pink but I think it should be more of accent a black dress with a pink belt or pink flower in your hair would be awesome.

A cupid head hunter

– P.S. Black dress I think. 😉

– I think black will be most becoming. It’s elegant and goes well with your beautiful black hair.

– All black is too severe and all pink is too frilly. Have you a combination, perhaps, of black or silvery-grey with a dash of pink, or pink accessories? A black sheath with a pink sash round the waist and a pink corsage and pink crystal jewellery would be fabulous on you. Long eyelashes, too.

– If its’ a SOLID pink, that is okay. Stick to solids. They make you look classy.

– You would look great in either color.

Both Colors would look wonderful on you, but i have not seen you in pink, so i go for that !

– I would say pink with black accents or accessories. Like black headband with black feather. Black belt cinching waist black shoes or heals, and short black gloves.

– Always bet on black! Lol, but pink could be different.

A pink red dress–for love–

– Totally Black Dress.

– Do you think I could win a date with you? 🙂

– When in doubt, always wear black 😉

– Wear black!

➤ What about you?
Do you always wear what makes you happy, or do you prefer a conventional style so that you fit it and feel accepted by others? What’s your belief…? Let me know in the comments section.