FLO TO DO – French Testimonials

Read about some of my clients and students who
have experienced powerful change through our work together.

"I feel a lightness in my breathing, movement and energy. "

Working with Flo in her ThetaHealing sessions I am always impressed by her ability to effortlessly zero in on challenges and blockages. With her strong powers of empathy, she can detect the inner yearnings and the sources of deep-seated feelings. By the end I am always energized, and I feel a lightness in my breathing, movement and energy.

This work has a very powerful effect on us. It is hard to describe, but it is unmistakably healthy and healing for the body and the spirit.

- Beck Lee, theater & publicity

I went to Flo for a Theta Healing session and knew right away I wanted to learn more about this healing technique. I loved my experience with Flo. As someone that has been in the healing arts for over 35 years, I was both moved and enamored with her. As a teacher she is generous in her knowledge, spirit, energy and heart. This was an amazing experience that in addition to the education and healing experience, made a huge difference in my life. I have enormous gratitude for Flo. I highly recommend treating yourself to a session with this gifted and profound healer.

- Nathan Shultz, executive coach - Elevate founder

Flo Ankah has so much to offer everyone and can really guide people through transformation, through their inner selves and to their spiritual gifts & artistic talents. I’ve had numerous healing sessions from her and participated as an assistant in her classes. Her support not only helped my physical body heal, but was immensely powerful for me to realize aspects of myself that I needed to realize to fulfill my potential. Words alone in this testimonial cannot express everything of her awesomeness!

- Arathi Reddy, licensed massage therapist

"Completely transformed how I approach work and life. "

I have been working with Flo for 5 years and it has completely transformed how I approach work and life. Flo has a way of getting to the essence of blocks via a side door. This allows me to get to a deeper level—without the super emotional distractions. Everything I focused on has manifested… I can’t wait to see what’s coming next.

- Kathleen Turpel, business owner

"I’m so grateful to work with her. "

I’ve been working with Flo for about six years now-both taking classes and private sessions. In that time, my life has flourished. I was able to purchase my first home, and build a rewarding career. I’ve also been able to focus on, and articulate the things in life that matter most to me. Flo also supported me during the hiring phase and salary negotiation with a Fortune 500 Company.

I consider my work with Flo to be a centerpiece to everything I’ve achieved. She’s both sensitive and centered and gets to the heart of issues. I honestly can’t say enough about her gifts and ability to heal others. She’s practically magical, and I’m so grateful to work with her.

- Sherry Parnes, manager - client communication