Pour les participants

Keep Digging

With your participation, we are building an alumni community to keep up with fellow practitioners and refine your skills as a ThetaHealer® beyond classes:

  • Join our monthly practice group
  • Nurture and motivate each other
  • Be accountable for your manifestations
  • Stay inspired to move forward

Deepen Your Work

You are meant to thrive in your profession and creativity. In the two years following your certification, you are eligible to apply for a Mentorship with Flo.

1- Make a Payment
Select a package of sessions to work on yourself, and continue expanding so you can be prepared to be in service to others.

Alumni Rates for Packages – PayPal:

If you are self-employed, we can provide a Wellness Consultation invoice to be deducted against your taxes.

2- Select your Appointment:

Click “Private Session,” enter your time zone, appointment method, agree to the Terms of Service and then click “Done.”

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Let’s continue growing together! – Flo ♡


Transformez votre santé, richesse, réussite, et relations, en donnant du sens à vos pensées.



On est tous capable d’auto-guérison. Explorez la conscience pour savoir guider l’autre à réaliser son potentiel.



Pour en savoir plus sur le type de soutien qui vous convient, prenez un rendez-vous de 15 min avec Flo.