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Course Materials

Upon class completion, you get a ThetaHealing® certification for your training. We will send the info to sign the license agreement with the ThetaHealing® Institute of Knowledge (THInK). The name you register with will be the one printed on your certificate.


The Zoom link and class manuals will be sent to you one day before the start of class. For online classes, the pdf manual is not printable (for trademark protection, as per THInK instructions).

Most classes include a book that you will be responsible for acquiring before class: restrictions apply for shipping in different countries and you are more familiar with what works best for you!

Check HERE to make sure if the class you are registering for requires a book, manual, or both. You can order a printed version of your manual or book from the Headquarters in Switzerland or America or from the Amazon store of your country.


For in-person classes, books and printed manuals will be provided on the first day of class. You are welcome to request your book ahead of time so you can be better prepared for your studies.

For in-person training, NYS Covid protocols will be followed. As a courtesy, you are able to cancel your registration up to a week before the start of class should your circumstances evolve.

For classes other than Basic DNA, make sure you are certified in the following pre-requisite course:

Class pre-requisites

You can request to be notified when a class you are interested in will be offered next (Class Catalog).

Let us know if you do not wish to be in photographs.

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