Intuitive Anatomy (online) – Registration

Intuitive Anatomy (online)

Thank you so much for your interest in our ThetaHealing® Training. The prerequisite certification to sign up is You and the Creator.

INTUITIVE ANATOMY, 15-days (3 weeks): $2200.00

– Registration Fee (online): $300.00
– Seminar Amount: $1900.00

Let us know if you prefer to study in person: we might choose to teach simultaneously with a second Intuitive Anatomy certified instructor if we have at least three in-person students.

Step 1 – Make your Payment

To secure your spot in the class today, you can choose to make the Full Payment, or pay only the Registration Deposit (non-refundable). Your balance (Seminar Amount) will be due before the first day of the course. You may use an Alternate Payment Method.

Full Payment     Deposit Only

Step 2 – Sign your License Agreement

In order to move on to the next training, and if you choose to offer services using the ThetaHealing® technique, you must sign your license agreement with THInK. Login to your profile with the email you used to register for the previous course.

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We look forward to working with you!

Intuitive Anatomy - ThetaHealing Course

Day 1: Atoms, Microbes, Toxic Influences
Day 2: Skeletal System
Day 3: Endocrine System
Day 4: Digestive System
Day 5: Respiratory System

Day 6: The Heart & Circulatory System
Day 7: Lymph System
Day 8: Excretory & Sexual System
Day 9: The Muscles
Day 10: The Nervous System

Day 11: The Skin
Day 12: The Eyes
Day 13: The Brain
Day 14: The Ears
Day 15: The Body as a Whole

Step 3 – Course Material

For online classes with us, you are responsible for acquiring your class materials before class. Restrictions apply for shipping in different countries and you are more familiar with what works best for you! You will be given the information for a quality Body Atlas that you can reference during your learning.

The Zoom link and class manuals will be sent to you one day before the start of class. For this course, you will need two devices on Zoom to participate (or whatsapp) so you can experience the guided meditations while in the break rooms.

As per THInK instructions and for trademark purposes, the pdf manual provided is not printable for any online courses. Each day is packed with beliefs to test, and that document will be printable. You can acquire your own printed version of the manual from THInK in the US, or from the headquarters in Switzerland (make sure you clarify you need the English version). Please message us if you need us to send you the book or a printed version of the manual, that will be charged in addition to the training cost.

Keep in Mind

Please review the terms of use so you are comfortable with the guidelines for your training. The payment structure for ThetaHealing courses includes a non-refundable deposit (Registration Fee) and the class fee that is the same for online and in-person courses (Seminar Amount). This payment structure is helpful in case a different host is organizing the training. There is a minimum class fee for each ThetaHealing® course globally to ensure the value of your training and certification.


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