Keep Yourself Inspired

Advanced ThetaHealing by Vianna Stiba

Author: Vianna Stibal
Genre: Body, Mind & Spirit
Publisher: Hay House Incorporated
Release Date: 2011
Pages: 272

This is one of the books we use to teach the ThetaHealing® technique. It is meant as a guideline to practice exercises and check beliefs after you have completed the Basic course. The exercises that are really powerful in it and I use all the time in my sessions are the “unconditional love to the baby in the womb” and the “soul healing.” It is filled with beliefs to check so that you can deepen your perception of each plane of existence. Students who complete the Advanced class experience a vast opening of their psychic senses, so if you graduated from basic and want to move ahead… then you can use this reference and start continue working on yourself!

“An in-depth exploration of the work and processes central to ThetaHealing. [Provides] a detailed guide to Feeling, Belief, and Digging Work, as well as further information on the 7 Planes of Existence that allow us to connect to the highest level of love and energy of All That Is”